Friday, 28 October 2011

Sleep Paralysis: Leave Your Comments Here

Following on from the article on Sleep Paralysis at Jourdemayne, here is the section for comments and recollections.


  1. Never had sleep paralysis, never ever had (or at least woken up and remembered) a dream or nightmare in my 50 odd years of life. Don't really even have a clue as to what people mean when they say they have had a dream.

    I am not superstitous or religious and never have been - I have often wondered whether this is all connected.

  2. Came upon this blog post late, but I'd like to leave my experiences.
    Yes, I've had loads of instances of sleep paralysis, especially in my teenage years. I remember at least one instance of feeling a heavy male body lying on top of me and penetrating me - I think; a virgin at the time, I had just a vague idea of what was involved in sex.
    Lots of times of waking up and being unable to move, feeling SOMETHING in the room with me.
    Lots of interesting hypnogogic experiences as well - waking up early one morning to see football-sized spiders scuttling across the floor towards me, for instance. Or half-waking to see the bedroom wall had disappeared, revealing strange other-wordly landscapes. Or seeing crowds of shadowy figures walking through the room, whispering unintelligbly, sometimes hissing at me as well.
    Luckily I was the bookish sort; when I started having these experiences I immediately went to the library, started reading up on sleep and dreaming and quickly realised that this was a normal and explicable phenomena. After that, I regarded them as a form of free entertainment!
    Alas, they trailed off and stopped when I was in my forties - when menopause started hitting - and I've not experienced any for years now.

  3. A lot of people do not believe in sleep paralysis, but I know for a fact that it is real. It can be extremely scary. I started going through it in my early twenties; unable to wake up, feeling others in the room with me, hearing and feeling the movement of others. It's like crossing over into another dimension. Though I find it interesting, I'm always happy to find I'm on earth when I wake up.

    Best regards,
    Deborah Kennedy
    Author of: Two Kinds of Color