Thursday, 1 April 2010

Well Done Simon Singh

Paragraph 34:

"We would respectfully adopt what Judge Easterbrook, now Chief Judge of the US Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals, said in a libel action over a scientific controversy, Underwager v Salter 22 Fed. 3d 730 (1994):

"[Plaintiffs] cannot, by simply filing suit and crying 'character assassination!', silence those who hold divergent views, no matter how adverse those views may be to plaintiffs' interests. Scientific controversies must be settled by the methods of science rather than by the methods of litigation. … More papers, more discussion, better data, and more satisfactory models – not larger awards of damages – mark the path towards superior understanding of the world around us." "

England and Wales Court of Appeal (Civil Division) Decisions
British Chiropractic Association v Singh [2010]
EWCA Civ 350 (01 April 2010)
Crown copyright

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  1. Do I smell precedent? Please? :)

    This is a great win for Simon, whatever else comes of it and however stupid the case was to begin with.