Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Westminster Skeptics: Does Political Blogging Make Any Difference to Political Events?

Sunny Hundal of Liberal Conspiracy, Mick Fealty of Slugger O'Toole, Jonathan Isaby
of Conservative Home, Guido Fawkes and Nick Cohen

Apologies - still slammed. I'd love to give you all a report on what happened on Monday night at 'The Old Monk Exchange' in Strutton Ground, Westminster. In fact, may well do tomorrow.

'Til then it seemed only fair that all you lovely people should have a chance to look at the photos. Our fantastic panel is above. Thanks guys for an informative and energetic debate.

And below, you can see that the attendance was great (about 160 people, I think) and that our new venue is spacious with very good access to the bar. We have the place to ourselves, and they do nice food.

Jack of Kent also has the photos and may get to a report sooner than I do, so check him out.

I've just read Dave Cole's post on the evening, so I won't write it up. He's said it all, and very well.

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  1. Much as I like the Barley Mow, we've outgrown it and the Old Monk is a great pub. Plenty of space, friendly landlord, good food, four real ales on tap and a good evening. Looks like wsitp has found a new home.